Friday, March 1, 2013

March 2013: No-Knead Chocolate Cherry Pecan Bread

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FatimaZahra, who currently doesn't have a blog, has baked along with us and sent me these pictures of her No-Knead bread. She said her family loved it. Great job, FatimaZahra!


  1. A quick note about this recipe: the recipe in KAF blog post is slightly different from the recipe on their "recipe page". Feel free to pick either recipe. There are only slight differences. I'm making the recipe from the blog post and have the dough in its first rise right now. Looking forward to baking it tomorrow morning :o)

  2. I plan on baking this, but I will be late with my post. Hopefully I will have a loaf on Wednesday to blog about! Thanks for the FYI.

  3. I will be a bit late in my post as well. It will be up tomorrow.

  4. Hi Fatima Zahra,
    Your loaf is looking great! I cannot stop eating this loaf! so good! Have a great week!