Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bakers' link for May 2012

Please leave your link to your Scones by clicking on the "Add your link" button below. So instead of leaving your link in the comment section of this post, you use the "Add your link" button instead. Please feel free to leave comments and/or thoughts about this month's recipe in the comment section of this post.


  1. Good morning! My post is up! The scones are delicious, buttery and tender! I made the choc chip version!

    1. They were delicious, buttery and tender indeed! And not to forget, super easy and quick! :o)

  2. I was waiting for the next bake! Brioche! And Fruit Tart! Yay! Could not wait to start on the Brioche! Already placed stick-on labels on those pages! Great pick, Hanaa!

  3. I'm definitely making a big batch when we have more people in the house to help eat them. Best scone ever!

  4. finally I can bake this scones, they are super lovely :)