Monday, November 1, 2010

Introduction to ABC

Important update 1/1/2012:
Changes have been made to the ABC baking group. Please click HERE to read the latest information about the group and how to join.

Welcome to the Avid Baker's Challenge, or ABC. This is a new monthly baking project. In general, I get to select the recipes we bake each month. And on every first Tuesday of the month, we all post our experiences and photos of the baked creation, but never the original recipe from the book, as we'd like to encourage everyone to buy the book.

For the year 2010, the decision has been made to bake from Flo Braker's "Baking For All Occasions". We, the ABC bakers, are in no way affiliated with Flo Braker. We're just fans of her books.

Not too long ago, a group decision has been made to continue baking from Flo's book in 2011. At this time, the plan is to pick a different book for 2012 to bake from. The final decision on this will come at the end of next year.

If you have the book or have easy access to the book, and would like to join us, please email me.

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  1. I loved these blintzes,